Input Calendar - all grayed out, bug?

Unable to use "Input calendar" you can't click on the input field.
(The field is enabled!)

Outsystems platform

Are you using Chrome browser in a touch device?
Yes, issue occured a Microsoft surface pro.
This is an old bug. I hope in version 10 it will be solved... (I'm praying for that). See the link
Robert, can you tell me which version of the Platfrom are you running and experiencing that problem?

There was an old bug that affected datepickers inside forms in devices with touchscreen enabled.
However, that bug was fixed on version and of the OutSystems Platform.

Can you tell me more about the scenario there? Are you using a higher version from the ones that i've mentioned?
Messias, I was using The latest update fixed this calendar input issue.
Cool, it seems that it was actually that bug that was fixed in the meantime.

Glad to hear that you've been able to overcome the problem! ;)

I am using and the bug is still there. Only when the input is inside the form.