I need to use a deep link to my OSNow app from a web page and currently on iOS it is working but on Android no. I have a separate web screen for redirect where similar JS is executed 

window.onload = function() {
   " +
       If (Index(CurrentOS(),"android")>-1,
                               "window.location = 'myandroidschemevalue://AppName';",
                               "window.location = '
   + "

The scheme values are set up in androidManifest.xml on 

<data android:scheme="myandroidschemevalue"/>

Should I activated or set some additional permissions on android?

Thank you.

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Hi Mykola,

The recommended way of using deep links with the OutSystems now is to use the follow link structure: myAndroidSchemaValue://environment/action?url=myApplicationName. In your case the action you need is the openurl.

For more info about deep links with OutSystems Now App you can look at this: Use a Link to Open an App in OutSystem Now

I hope this help you,

Best regards,


Hi Bruno,

In the end was able to get proper redirect url via such function:

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet


however also had to put it in separate screen as if i send a link via SendGrid it adds some internal redirect and the server address got lost (probably related to referrer url)..