Finding OutSystems Developers

I work for an Australian company and we are trying to build a ERP Integrated Customer Portal (which involves a couple of dynamic/complex forms) and the OutSystems platform seems perfect however we simply cannot find any App Developers. Can someone please recommend a development company here in Melbourne, Australia or even just tell me where to look? 

Thanks, Troy

Hi Troy,

I got to know Outsystems three month ago. I went thru online course for 2 weeks. After that I tried to develop the app and register to take the exam. I just passed my exam last month and now I feel confident to develop enterprise app. 

My suggestion is to get Web Developer who knows .Net or Java. And Challenge them to get certified to be hired. Not sure if it will work in Australia. Just my 2 cents.


Setiaman Lee

Hi Troy,

Did you post the job opening on the OutSystems community job board? If not, I would recommend to do so:

Good luck,


Hello Troy, 

You can find a list of OutSystems partners at, filtering for Australia. 

If you would like to talk about options, please send me a private message (I am the Regional Channel Manager for ANZ).

Kind regards


Suggest you talk to Robert Champhakeo on this board, he is out of Sydney if I remember right.