[Factory Configuration] New "Platform Configurations" Screen in Factory Configuration

[Factory Configuration] New "Platform Configurations" Screen in Factory Configuration

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Published on 27 Sep by OutSystems
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Published on 27 Sep by OutSystems

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce a new feature added to Factory Configuration. It is now possible to tap into the entrails of the OutSystems Platform and configure some of its behaviors.

The feature is available through a new tab available in the component named Platform Configurations.

The configurations you see above are just the tip of the iceberg, and many more will be added as they become available in the OutSystems Platform.


Me very like.

Indeed J.

Good stuff Ricardo!

Nice Change..:)

I am not able to login into this application. I even tried changing User Provider but nothing seems to be working. Our users are managed by lifetime.

You need a user with Administrator privileges in order to be able to login with Factory Configuration.

Yes, I am an administrator. I can get in ServiceCenter and lifetime without issue. but cannot get inside the factory configuration. Tried all user providers. We use external authentication use LDAP for login using lifetime. 

You shouldn't change user providers in Factory Configuration.

Since this is a supported component, my recommendation is for you to contact OutSystems Support directly.

sure. created support case with OutSystems.