[Html2PdfConverter] Application Pool doesn't have access to create the binaries

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Published on 2018-10-30 by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 2018-10-30 by Guilherme Pereira

We were able to install the binaries on the server previously, but just recently we started having a relapse where the application pool no longer has permissions to create the binaries. The path is something like C:\Program Files\OutSystems\running\HtmlToPdfConverter.1608628035, but it seems that last version number changed so the permission we granted previously is no longer applicable.

Which of these 2 options is recommended to fix this (or is there a third):

  • We could either grant the current application pool identity write access to C:\Program Files\OutSystems\running
  • Create a separate application pool identity specific to this application, and grant that new identity write access to C:\Program Files\OutSystems\running

Hi Rebecca,

I think they are both valid but quite honestly I think you need to do some testing. If you are under heavy security constraints I'd say the second may have a slight advantage but in a farm like scenario where the binaries are written before the PDF generation the execution is triggered from the espace that invokes HTML to PDF and that may render this option useless (as you'd have to include in the pool all modules that reference html2pdf).

Let us know your findings