[DBCleaner] V10 Support

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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden

Will DB Cleaner be supported in V10? When can we expect an update?

Hey Braxton, if you use the latest release you shouldn't have any problems using it on OutSystems 10.

I've done away with that check some time ago :)

I don't think there are any relevant changes to the metamodel that make it so that this component is not supported in OutSystems 10.

Hi Ricardo,

I get a warning while trying to install on using the free environment:

Application cannot be safely installed in your environment. OutSystems Platform dependency analysis has detected that installing this application would impact other applications running in your environment. You may still force the installation of the application at your own risk. DBCleaner is not compatible with your platform version.

Can you create a version compatible with OutSystems 10 (only to simplify the installations) ?


Indeed. A new version would be helpful as when I try to "Clean up" the outdated espaces list in lifetime (to remove the + marks that tell me things don't match) I'm getting the following error when trying to deploy DBCleaner via Lifetime:

Deploying DBCleaner 0.3 will result in broken references. It isn't compatible with Service Center.