POC into AWS - how can I do it ?

I am evaluating to run my Outsystems systems into AWS. Someone know if I have to use on premise version to initiate a POC ?  Is there some documentation to use OS into AWS ?

Thanks in advance for any comment



Hello Luciano,

You deploy your OutSystems systems into AWS accounts you'll need new license files. So if you already have a license subscription with OutSystems, you just follow the same checklist to install OutSystems in AWS EC2 instances as you would with on-premise servers, and request new license files.

If you don't have a license subscription or would like to evaluate the OutSystems PaaS in the Cloud (whic also run in AWS), I recommend you get in touch with OutSystems through the website contact us form.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Miguel.  I am in contact with AWS to solve some doubts and I will request the evaluation through the link you sent.

Thanks a lot