[JIRA Connector] JIRA Connector update Issue

[JIRA Connector] JIRA Connector update Issue

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Published on 20 Oct by OutSystems
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Published on 20 Oct by OutSystems

It seems the API to update a JIRA Issue is not made available in the JIRA Connector, could you please add it? An example of usage would be great too!


Hey, I believe I can help here... I've been working on some enhancements in the component, and one of these is and Issue_Update action.

It's attached here so you can use for reference. Hope this helps.

PS.: It's a dev-version, so please, take good care on testing it before putting on Production.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will check it out. I hope and expect Outsystems to provide an official solution if this is a supported component. It would be great if create / update could also handle custom fields (of type text at least).

Hi Adrian,

This connector is meant to be a base for integrations with Jira. Our user community is encouraged to extend it to suit their purposes, by following the implementation patterns already present.

Did you try to add the API using the existing ones as an example? Did you run into a specific issue we can help you with?