I am getting warning when I trying to publish my application. How to remove warning from application. It does not affecting to application, but I want warning free build. I have attached screenshot it shows warning.

Please help me to remove warning from application.

Hi Pradip,

Below URL will help you in removing the warning.



Manish Jawla

Hi Pradip,

Being a little more specific, this warning comes up because your screen is navigating to a screen it's not connected to in your web flow. To remove the warning you have two options: open your webflow and connect the two screens or set the destination screen as a frequent destination ("Is Frequent Destination" in the web screen properties).

You can always right click the warning and select hide :)

Hi Pradip, 

It is always good practice to resolve the issue that is causing the warning to come up rather than to hide the warning as it can have some affects on your application (though this warning shouldn't cause any issue). Go with the solution that Aurelio mentioned, it should remove the warning you're getting.