So having an issue that in my v10 mobile app I am forwarding the user to a webpage (a page in another normal "web" OutSystems app) where they do stuff to a shared database between the two applications.  I have gotten that to work but now what needs to happen is on the phone when they are done doing stuff on the normal web page the page needs to close itself and the phone should return to the mobile app.  By doing this it should fire the "on application resume" event on the mobile app which will recheck the database for what they did on the normal web page.  I have gotten it working up to the point of the normal web site needing to closing itself and the phone reverting back to the mobile app.  Anyone have an idea on how to do that?

Hi Jason,

How about having an in-app browser to open the page. That way it would be more easy to manage the workflow.

Check out this:


That would work great for having a browser within the mobile app to view a page.  The only problem is that for what I am doing it involves CAS authentication for which I send the browser to a link including a return address webpage for checking the token that is returned from the initial CAS page.  Its my understanding you can't have a "page" within the mobile app for it to return to with the authentication ticket.  So my thought was to open a browser outside the mobile app, have them authenticate and within the return page it saves the login info into the database, then closes itself.  Upon close the "on application resume" action within the mobile app "should" fire within which I will check for that login information and then log the user into the mobile app.  Hmmm - question, is there any way for this in-app browser to notify out to the app that a certain action has happened?