Image Resize client action for Mobile App?

Hi, on my requirement I need to have user sign up and getting their profile photo from camera.

But on modern smartphone, camera resolution so high that it create time-out when sending to server.

I have Image Resize server action to resize it before saving to database, but it will be better to resize image on client side before sending to server.

I only found Cropper mobile plugin which only crop, not resize the image.

Any ideas?

Thanks and Regards.

Hi Harlin,

You will have to use a Javascript node and some JS magic:

Check out this for example:

Thanks, but I'm not JS guys...

I'm looking for mobile client plugin if available.

I will pass this to my team and hopefully can find a JS Guru to wrote plugin for this.

Eric Halim wrote:


Check this out

What I need is resizing profile picture image, is this cropper mobile plugin also can be used for resizing images?


That's true. Sorry that was cropper not resizer.

So I think it should be a cordova plugin then, like this one then wrap it on Outsystems.

Never tried it myself but that's the way it's supposed to be. :) worth to try

For P10 mobile app, I gladly present my new Image Utils Mobile component in Forge:

Resize (while maintaining aspect ratio), Crop, and Identify width/height of image binary data.

All works client-side, before sending image to server...

Thanks Harlin