Retrieving image URL from blob in database


I have read this link here and found out that it is nearly impossible to get the URL of an image stored on the database unless I use a REST API solution. Is there another way to do this in Outsystems? I am worried at what performance hits I will experience if I were to use this solution. 

Thank you

Hi Amos,

There are two solutions with a similar performance.

1. Create the REST API as stated in the other thread.

2. Create a webscreen with the ID as input, in the preparation get the binary data and finish with a download of the binary data instead of an end. This way you get the binary data by URL.

Option 1 is IMO cleaner and easier to maintain. Performance-wise I don't think that there is a big difference, but it's for you to decide which solution fits better.

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Also keep in mind that a REST call is an HTTP request like a request for a resource, and that servicing the REST request will be trivial and likely takes much less time than sending the data over the network. So I doubt there's much overhead in terms of application performance. Of course, you need to actually create the REST service, so there's a little overhead there.