Planner for resources

I want to use planner control to schedule  resources to free rooms , I tried to use
but it is not support on v10 , any help


Hey Mohamed, 

I posted this question under the PlanGrid components discussion thread here. I would monitor that thread for updates on versioning. Although, I don't think there are plans to upgrade to OS 10 and there seem to be other options.Try one of the options in the thread linked above or you can try finding a nice CSS/JS based widget. As an example, check out this resource on how to integrate a jQuery plugin in OutSystems:
Integrating a jQuery Plugin.

In the thread, linked above, Justin posted a workaround that may work for you. Justin James wrote:

Andre -

Try opening it in version 8 of Service Studio, saving it as a local file, and then opening the saved file in version 9 of Service Studio. I don't think you actually need to publish it at all to complete the process.


So open it in Service Studio under OutSystems Version 8 so it does "Upgrading Espace", save the OML to a local file, then open in whatever version they are using to upgrade to that version and publish. Can you let me know if this works for you?