[P10 App Permissions] Will my apps be removed from Playstore?

Well it seems that Google is going to act on apps that require for example android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO and doesn't have a Privacy Policy link in the store as well in the application itself.

I just got one email for each app that I have in the store, 6 total, built with P10. Asking me to add a Privacy Police until March 15th, after that my app could get removed from the store.

You can also check the article here:


Also this topic was already discussed here:


But do we have any news on this guys? An ETA for the "Permission Management" feature?



Hello Miguel.

As Ricardo Alves mentioned in this post, the audio permission is currently required due to the presence of AppFeedback on all applications generated by OutSystems. AppFeedback should be available as a plugin in Q2, so, when it happens, the Audio permission will no longer come by default.

Independently of the roadmap OutSystems has, it's a good practice to include the privacy policy Google is requiring. Also important is the licensing information when using third party components (e.g.: plugins).