[ardoJSON] JSON Validation without schema

Forge Component
Published on 2018-10-24 by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 2018-10-24 by Ricardo Silva

It is possible to implement a validation of JSON?

Hello bfcante,

What do you mean?

You want an action that checks if a string is valid json?

Yes, that's it.

Do you just want to return true/false, if so, I can provide you a solution.

Or do you also need to return the incorrect syntax/textLines?

Update: I quickly made a forge component to validate json:




thank you.

In my case, I just want to return true/false.

I already created an extension but ardoJSON could also have a validation method.

Hi all,

Anyone know how to validate a JSON payload with a json schema?

Thanks in advance

Hi bfcantante,

Can you share your extension?