[Silk UI Web] [Bug] SilkUI select2 in a popup

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Published on 25 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Mar by OutSystems R&D


When using select2 in a popup, if the select is larger then the popup it will be rendered behind the popup, instead of over it. (see screenshot)
How can I fix this?

Hello Niels!

Can you please send an oml with the example? :)

Hi Rita,

Sorry for the late response :(

In attachment an OML file as an example.

Is there a fix for this? I have this problem too and I need it fixed ASAP


Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I didn't get warned of the update in this post!

I don't think it's possible, unless you make the popup have the minimal size that your popup has. This happens because the popup is really an iframe (so, basically a new webpage just glued onto your page) and you can't force any element of a page to go outside of it. For example, when you open a popup on a page it won't go over to your desktop background, it will either to up where there's space or it will create an overflow of the page. I am not sure if it's clear but it's the best that I can explain it.

I really liked the OML example though, it made my morning better. :')

Sorry I couldn't be much help and good luck!