[Facebook Login Plugin] Login with facebook example
Forge component by Experts

Hi , 

Does anyone have an example of facebook with login in outsystems?



Hi Carlos,

I've added a try now link (I've only generated the application for Android).

This link is exactly what you can download from the forge. The only differences are:

  • Configured Android's certificate hash and the corresponding account on https://developers.facebook.com/apps
    • For this you need to know the key hash for the certificate you're using to generate your Sample app
  • Adjusted configurations on FacebookLoginPlugin extensibility settings based on facebook developers console configurations, published it, and republished depending FLSample module.
  • Added FLSample as a home module
  • Generate the app using the configured certificate and package name

Kind Regards,

João Grazina


its right next to the download button in this page: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1734/facebook-login-plugin/

Grazina wrote:

its right next to the download button in this page: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1734/facebook-login-plugin/

Thank you! Just figured it out, tried to delete the message but you are fast at answering! ;)

Im got my key hash and right now im working on facebook developers settings. I'll keep informing how im doing with this in a few.


Do you have an updated sample for facebook login plugin? The "Try now" is not updated. and I can't click the Get for android.

Thank you,



Does any one has implemented this recently in any device either Android or iOS because the link provided is broken and not working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Hey Hemlata, 

We've added a sample app that should work without any issues. Just add your AppId and AppName in the extensibility configurations of the component and you are good to go.


Where can I find the sample app? 

Hi Sundeep.
You can find it on the component page as in the attached image.

Best Regards,



Thanks Gonçalo Martins.

I have already downloaded the sample application and the plugin.

Could you please let me know how should I add AppId and AppName in the Extensibility Configurations?




Refer  this URL


Any update on this? I am using Facebook login plug. I can't find where I need to add the  App ID and App secret. When I tap on login in the sample application I am getting redirected to the sample application created by 'Experts'. Its not getting redirected to my app in facebook. 

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