Hi All,

I'm trying to understand something and I would hope you could confirm something.

When I call a REST service from a client flow like this:

Is it true that this REST call will go through the OutSystems Server? So the route of this call will be:
OutSystems Client --> OutSystems Server --> External REST Service instead of calling the REST service directly from the client. My Source: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/22577/rest-calls-directly-from-mobile-app/

I'm working at a customer and this customer has an On-Premise installation of OutSystems in the internal network and before the device gets access to this network (and all OutSystems Services on it) it will need to call an OAuth2 protocol REST service. 

The call to this OAuth2 needs to be done by Javascript and not through the "normal" REST Integration?

Kind Regards,
Martijn Habraken


Hi Martijn,

Yes, the device will communicate with the Platform server only (except of course when you write the REST in JavaScript yourself).


Hi Kilian,

Thank you for the confirmation.