How to send email in mobile app?

Hello Team,

I need to send email through mobile app but I don't see option to add email screen.

Please advice how should I send email through mobile app.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade


Hi Suraj,

You need to do this in server side , you must have an espace in outsystems server where you have your entities , You can create a function there to send an email and use it in your mobile espace.

Doing this you can use default Outsystems functionality to send email, else you need to find some cordova plugin to send email directly from mobile.




Have you got a sample of it? Where is the "default Outsystems functionality" for send email? Can it suport attachements?

Hi Salvador,

Yes you can even send attachment with it because you are sending it through service from Outsystems Server. It will behave like it behaves in Web Application.

thank you Pramond for your response, but you don't response my questions.

Hi Salvador,

I understand now what you are looking for ..

Here are the steps to send email.

1. Configure your environment to send email

2. After this wherever in your code you want to send email right click in your webflow and add email .

3. In your logic drag the added email widget , it will require some input .

You can design it as you want , i am not writing detail , when you add it you will understand what needs to be done.

I hope this helps you .



Thanks for everything, it was for mobile, I have already found the solution.

Thanks for all