Your NextStep 2017 is here!

Hello Community,

It’s true: NextStep tickets are already available and you can now start packing for the most wanted event of the year!

This is the perfect time for you, an OutSystems developer, to grab mobile by the horns and build amazing smartphone experiences with our low-code platform. And we want to make sure you have everything you need to do it at NextStep 2017. So, for the first time in the history of NextStep, there will be a full-day event exclusively for developers. 

Join our pre-conference event to witness a full demo of the product (perfect for new developers), learn to build a mobile application in 2 hours, and discover how to forge a successful career as an OutSystems developer. And that’s just the basic track.

If you’re an OutSystems development pro, we have a track just for you. Come learn about patterns and anti-patterns for mobile, delve into the foundations of application architecture, and find out how OutSystems experts manage their projects.

And since these workshops will probably leave you hungry for more interaction, in Lisbon you’ll also get a chance to mingle with fellow OutSystems developers and ask questions at an AMA featuring the team behind the OutSystems platform—anything goes.

Best of all, we’re offering three great locations and dates to choose from: Lisbon, Portugal (18 September), Utrecht, Netherlands (10 October) and Chicago, USA (1 November). The sessions will vary by location, so go to our NextStep page to learn more about the conference, the pre-conference, and how to register today.

Act fast and get our early bird pricing for this amazing event.

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Very much looking forward to it!   

Sad to see the Netherlands version doesn't have the pre-conference day, but instead forces you to choose between 3 technical tracks for 1 afternoon.

Hi Tim,

I think there's only one technical track, which is the same as the one in Lisbon?

There are also 2 training tracks, a basic and a pro. And that pro one looks rather interesting. Both those are on a separate day of pre-conference in Lisbon, so you can still choose to follow the technical track on the actual event.

In Utrecht, you don't have that option. It's either the training OR the technical track because both are on the same day.

Ok, didn't see that the training track is in Utrecht also. That's indeed not an ideal solution... Lisbon it is, then :).


For you to understand the Tech Agenda in different regions: 


Looking forward to it.



Anyone knows if will be possible to access the samples presented at NextStep? I'm looking for the sample that was presented about the coffee sell company.