[OutSystems UI] Make component not swipeable (carousel + tab)

Forge Component
Published on 25 Aug (4 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Aug (4 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D

Is there a way to disable swiping gesture on navigation tab and on carousel?

Many thanks


Hey Eric!

As of this moment, no, not without going into the code and making substantial changes to it, sorry. :/


Ah i c thanks. So I must clone the module and do my own changes to disable the gesture. 

Maybe an option to have swipe/not swipe gesture could be useful in future release.

It's being considered, thank you and have a good day!

For my scenario, it could be disabled by creating a block which blocks all touch-events.
The essence is wrapping all touch-events in a Block with a placeholder:

function stopPropagation(e) {

As shown in this CodePen: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/vWymPr?editors=1011

To use it easily within OutSystems, I wrapped it in a Block with a placeholder and a changable setting to enable/disable it. (too much work to share the block on this forum unfortunately).