The coolest bug on earth - RIP

The coolest bug on earth - RIP


Here in engineering, we take quality seriously.

We have automated

  • runtime tests
  • verify tests
  • compile time tests
  • interactive tests
  • unit tests
  • functional tests
  • special web service tests
  • special merge tests
  • different browser tests, etc...

We test against SQL Server. We test against Oracle. We test against Java. We test against .Net.

We have tests for previous, current, and future versions of the platform.

Our special QA team makes sure thousands of these tests run all the time in a cluster of regression servers that notify us whenever something is wrong.

However, as with any other software, problems do come up, and that’s why we have dedicated support and maintenance SWAT teams in place to detect and take care of these.

But now we have just found the coolest bug on earth. On Service Studio start screen, if you have tutorial installed, you are using Firefox and click on Follow the Tutorial you will be redirected to the C programming language page on the wikipedia. When we found this, we started to look for the witty developer who had introduced the easter egg. Turns out nobody did, it’s just a real problem with the way the link is being created. Firefox thinks we are just looking for C (the drive where the tutorial is installed), and because there is an exact match in wikipedia it just shows that page. 

For a visual programming language, how much more ironic could it get?

It is a serious issue for first-time users (the workaround is to use the shortcut on the start menu) and it will be fixed very soon. But to be honest we’re kind of sad we have to fix it.