[Discovery] JavaScript message when hovering on a table column image button, enclosed in link

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Published on 2018-11-30 by João Rafael Capucha
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Published on 2018-11-30 by João Rafael Capucha


We recently noticed that when we add an image in a table column enclosed in a link that executes any server action (but doesn't lead to a new web screen, it can finish execution in 'end') and we hover with the mouse pointer on the image, a JavaScript message box appears in the bottom left corner, describing the action itself.

I have also reproduced the issue in the OutSystems web development course OSMDb application. I have added a new column in the 'Cinemas' web screen, with the OSMDb logo image enclosed in a link which executes a very simple screen action (start -> assign local variable 'Test' to 2 -> end). The result can be seen in the attachment I added to this post.

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Hi David.

May I start by suggesting placing your questions in the appropriate forum? I don't see how this is related to Discovery, and by placing it here you might be making it more difficult for people to see this and maybe even answer you... In general you should keep the Forge Components forums to questions related to the Components themselves.

As for the JavaScript message box you're seeing... it's actually just the "status bar" of Chrome, showing the target of the link... in this case, the link's "href" property has JavaScript code to perform a post-back to the server, but it doesn't really say anything about what's going to happen when you click on it. If you mouse-over *any* other link on that page you will see URLs or more post-back JavaScript, depending on what's the method of your link...

Hope this clarifies the behaviour you're seeing, it happens on basically all links Chrome displays.



Hello Jorge,

Thank you for your feedback. I apologize for the placement of the post, have not realized I am on this thread.

Also, thank you for the clarification, I was aware of Chrome showing the target of the link, but probably didn't notice any JavaScript code being shown.