dynamic sorting on group by fields

1 how to provide dynamic sorting on group by fields. i have to apply count on 2 fields , for that i have mark other fields as group by to use them in table but i am unable to apply dynamic sorting

2 Second approach is i am taking those counts in first aggregate and using them in second aggregate. but Problem is i am able to point to current value only .

attaching file

It is present in COUGGroups webscreen.

please suggest me 

Hi Lovish,

I think you forget to attach the file please attach the oml so that I can look into it.



Hi! I know this is an old thread, but I found it while trying to get the dynamic sort to work with grouped fields. After beating my head against my desk for awhile, I found that you need to remove the table name from the sort string.

List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy(WorkflowTable.Id, "[WorkflowName]")

And my List_SortColumn widget uses "[WorkflowName]", and for the other grouped field it uses "[CompleteDate]".

At first I grouped a column called "Name" and that may have given me problems. I renamed the grouped field to WorkflowName and everything seemed to work OK after that.

I hope this helps!


Hi Cody

Thank you for your valuable input. Are you saying that naming of grouped fields also creates a difference.

I know this is a old post, time is relative though. Trying to do what you have done.


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