I have used Rich widget navigation/tabs, in which i have maintained 2 tabs and there is one common search for both tab. i want that whenever i am searching for 2nd tab it must be in second tab only. But unfortunately whenever i serach in 1st tab, it automatically navigate me to first tab.

Hello Labbi,

Sorry, but I think I didn't understood the issue.
Could you be more specific and provide more details?

Or even better, provide a simple OML that shows the problem?
You can create a very simple OML for this, don't need to be your real application.

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Labbi,

From what I could understand, your problem is that the first tab is always automatically selected whenever the user clicks on the search button. If that is the case, then you can use the Tabs widget's "ActiveTab" property to dynamically set the active tab:

  • Create a variable with the "Tabs Identifier" type in your screen
  • In your Tabs widget, select the variable in the "ActiveTab" property.
  • In your search action, set the value of this variable according to the tab you want to be active.