How to know user login failure counter?

I need to know at which counter user login failure currently...I cannot set it from Lifetime setting since it will affect the whole users base. I will set user to be inactive when the 3rd time user failed the login.

What I found out so far is entity "LoginAttempt" on users module but it is not set public and also not available on "Manage Dependency" system entity.

So without cloning user modules how to achieve this?


Hi Eric,

Good point, I am not aware of any public action/table to retrieve that information.

However, you can follow the same approach as the Extended Metamodel extension does, to expose that entity.

Hope it helps you!

Any other option? Since my developer account is not an admin so I cannot access system table.

Hi Eric,

I don't see any other way of doing it, you should ask to grant you the permissions to do it.

However, there's actually one idea to make that info available:

I know this is an old one, but I'll leave it for someone that's looking for the same info. 

Component Extended Metamodel now includes LoginAttempt entity.

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