Container inside container - width issues

Hi all, 

I have a few issues regarding containers inside containers in SilkUI (Liverpool theme) vs London theme.

If I place a container B inside container A and define container B width to 11 col, I have:

  • SilkUI - regarding width of container A;
  • London - regarding total width of page;

Why "width by col" in SilkUI is based on parent container and in London is based on total width of page? Is it by default?

Best regards,

Abílio Matos


Hi Abilio.

Tame a look on Jorge's explanation here:

The reason is that on one you are using a Fluid Grid, and in the other (London) a Fixed grid.

You can change this in the theme properties:




Thank you for your answer. As always is also a simple answer.

Abílio Matos