[LOCAL NOTIFICATION PLUGIN] how to use a custom sound

I tried differents ways to use the Notification.sound in Local Notification Plugin and nothing worked.

How to put a custom sound?

what format can it be?

there is any documentation????

Hi Rai

The documentation for the plugin can be found here.

Regarding having a custom sound, this plugin is a wrapper for
cordova-plugin-local-notifications. It means that you could try to do a few tweaks in order to achieve what you want. 

I did a quick search on this and I found a few topics about this. Take a look and see if it helps.




My problem, I think, is to use something from resources.

I already tried several times and now I'm having the same issue, but in other plugin.

I uploaded one archive to resource, put the deploy action and a target directory (target directory = Documents). 

How I can access it?

I tried:







nothing work...


Quite a search and effort.

For iOS:

1. Make sure your audio file is in .caf format. Convert if necessary.

2. Sound should be shorter than 30 seconds.

3. When you upload the file as a resource, make sure you chose the option to “deploy to target”.

4. For the sound parameter passed into the plugin, use: file://filename.caf, assuming the file is deployed under the resource root.

5. You may need to regenerate the app and reinstall on your device.

These steps worked for me on iOS devices.