[Html2PdfConverter] Need help with page break on table records

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Published on 17 May (7 days ago) by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 17 May (7 days ago) by Guilherme Pereira

Hi All,

I have an issue with my table records on pdf doesn't actually break at a good way.

so if the table record's length doesn't exceed one page, the whole table record will be rendered in 2nd page, so I will have an empty space below the header at 1st page, and the whole table records in 2nd page. 

Edit: I have added attachment with the images in it, because the images aren't rendered clearly in this post

I tried to add the css to allow page break inside element, but still no luck

table { 

tbody { 

tr {
    page-break-inside: auto;

but strange thing is, if the table record's length exceed one page, it is properly broken into pages.

I use a webblock inside the table records, where the webblock has another table records. Is that what's causing the issue? 

I have added the css both on main screen and the webblock.

This is the actual screen


Has anyone found a solution to this? i am having the exact same issue