I am trying to send an email from my module. Have done the email configurations in service center, but not sure if they are correct. Now I am unable to send emails, its getting error log as attached in the picture.

Please guide me with the configuration if they are wrong.




as you can see the error message tells you about the username/pwd are incorrect.

and a link to "Bad Credentials". I suggest to follow that link first and check if you have the right credentials etc.

Hi Sahaduna,

I normally provide the google email address in Username (like the one you set at default sender email.

And than the password that belongs to that email.



Hello Sahaduna,

Recently Google changed something and a previously working installation that used google gmail smtp stoped working. I was unable to find a solution and had to resort to other SMTP. Probably something related with security, that requires some extra configuration in the GMAIL side.

I would advise that if you don't have a lot of time trying to figure out what is the problem, to change the smtp server.


Hi Sahaduna,

Please change the SMTP and try, I think it should work it is related to SMTP issue.



In addition to Eduardo's reply,

Someone recently gave me this link https://www.wpsitecare.com/gmail-smtp-settings/ to check settings in my personal environment are working or not. I have not checked yet but you can have a look.

Thanks all for your responses.

Previously I gave wrong credentials and hence it was throwing the error. Now have corrected the same.

Now I am getting an application error as attached.

Please paste the error part only. Not full image is shown.

Suraj Borade wrote:

Please paste the error part only. Not full image is shown.

Error creating Email. The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

Hi Sahaduna,

Please check the contents which are being sent to Email. User to whom you are sending the mail might not be present or maybe deactive.

If possible share log from the service centre.

Suraj Borade wrote:

Sahaduna wrote:

Suraj Borade wrote:

You can have a look at these posts.




Hi Suraj,,

Attaching the error log from service studio.

Sorry for incomplete request. Can you please paste that error with details and full stack trace?

Hi Suraj,

The system error was a minor change from my module, which was corrected and now both the errors are gone,

But I am getting the attached error now, asking to login in the browser.

If you could see the right corner, I have logged in the web browser with my gmail account, still the error persists.


Hi All,


This discussion helped. After clicking Display unlock Captcha the previous pending mails are also flowing in my inbox.

Thanks everyone