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OutSystems Community Contest: Name OutSystems Blog Tunes and Win!

OutSystems blog authors and editors love music. That’s why so many of the posts have song lyrics and titles in their titles, captions, and text. Recently, they thought it would be fun to build a Spotify playlist of those songs. There was just one problem.

They couldn’t remember all the songs. After all, they’ve been at this for two years. Titles and lyrics are in all three OutSystems blog categories: DevZone, Perspectives. And they are in the blogs on Medium: Engineering, Experts, and People Behind the Keyboard.

So, today, to celebrate International World Music Day, we’re pleased to announce a contest that’s open to OutSystems Community Members only. It’s called “Name Those 50 OutSystems Blog Tunes.” You are going to help the blog team build their playlist.

How to Win: The person who names the most songs from these blogs will win the grand prize:

Sony 1000X Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones and a year’s subscription to Spotify. Five runners-up will get a year’s subscription to Spotify.

Here are the rules:

  1. Be a member of the OutSystems Community (if you aren’t already).

  2. Subscribe to the OutSystems Dev Newsletter (if you haven’t already).

  3. Fill out a spreadsheet or document with your name and the email address or addresses you use for your subscriptions and include the following information: 

    1. Name of song and artist

    2. Link to the blog post it’s in

    3. A snippet of text, title, or caption where you found the song (it has to be more than 3 words; you can’t choose “be” and then claim that it comes from “Let it Be,” for example)

    4. Send your spreadsheet to

  4. Comment in this thread if you sent it. We will then go in order of the comments based on time, to vet and pick the winner. 

Pro tip: As we mentioned, the songs are not just in titles, so you’ll have to do some reading. And, it’s just possible that you’ll discover something you didn’t know. Or, even better, be inspired to write for us.

We’ll announce the winners on September 4. Stay tuned! 

P.S. Okay, here’s the slightly mean stuff: Incomplete lists won’t be considered, and at least one song on your list must be from somewhere other than a title. Also, you must list different songs; you can’t repeat songs just because some of our blog posts repeat. 


how are you going to announce the winners?

Kelly Lake wrote:


how are you going to announce the winners?

Hi, Kelly! We'll announce the winners here in the Community forum and we'll also have a post about it on the OutSystems blog.

This is so great!! So curious to see the results!!

You guys are getting creative :)


is  "Take On Me" (artist a-ha) a valid option on: 

It's Not You, Low-Code, It WAS Me: Conversations with Myself

I was able to find the word "Take", "On", "Me" in the text, but they are not in a row.

Ana Oliveira wrote:


is  "Take On Me" (artist a-ha) a valid option on: 

It's Not You, Low-Code, It WAS Me: Conversations with Myself

I was able to find the word "Take", "On", "Me" in the text, but they are not in a row.

Hi, Ana! Great question! The words have to be in a row. So "Take on Me" was a great song to think of, but it's not one we used. Thanks for taking part. We're very excited!

2019-01-14 14-40-25

Incoming e-mail with my participation  :)


I've just sent my tiny list.

So cool!!!

Email sent. I like the way you encourage (push?) everyone to read the articles :p

Hi, everyone,

Due to summer holidays, we're extending this contest until August 30. We've also decided to make it a little easier to encourage more people to play, so we're going to start giving some hints.

For example, in this blog post, there are four references to songs: three are song titles and one is a from a song lyric.

I hope this will get you started. I'll post another hint early next week. Stay tuned (pun intended)!


"Kudos" for the creative way to try to make people read the blogs, BUT... I think we've got better ways of spending our time than specifically scrapping the blog posts for songs! At least that is my opinion.

Although, from the most recent (and excellent) blog post, What is a Microservice, that I just read with great enthusiasm and not at all thinking about songs but just trying to get the most information out of it, I went back and googled the first term that potentially sounded to me like a song, "Like a Phoenix", and I randomly found something, so here is my humble contribution:

Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision

I have to say... not particularly my music style... so there is no way that I would know that "Like a Phoenix" relates to a song.


--Tiago Bernardo

Finding song titles is contagious. :)

Just sent my contribution. I hope you like!


that's pretty cool!!

Nice contest....


Hi, everyone, the winners of the contest were named today. You can find them in this post.

Just posted.  It is only the 30th today..... lol

Hello All

This is an old post and folks are updating this. 

Hence closing the post for discussion.