For two years, OutSystems blog authors and editors have been filling the cyber airways with music. For those with an appreciation for true musical talent, you’ll be relieved to learn that we haven’t formed a band called the “Low-Code RADicals” and gone on tour. What we have done (and are still doing) is add song lyrics and titles into blog post titles, captions, and text.

Recently, we thought it would be fun to build a Spotify playlist of those songs so we could throw back to those giddy times when Spotify was new and all our Facebook friends posted things like “James is listening to ‘Viva Latina’ on Spotify.” It would be fun to bring that back with our playlist on the OutSystems Facebook page.

There was just one problem.

Memories Don’t Light the Corners of Our Minds

We couldn’t remember all the songs. As I said, we’ve been at this for two years. Titles and lyrics are in all three OutSystems blog categories: DevZone and Perspectives. And they are in the blogs on Medium: Engineering, Experts, and People Behind the Keyboard.

So, how can we have the perfect TBT Spotify post if we don’t even know what to put in our playlist? We need help, along with Omega 3s (good for the memory). And that’s why we’re having a contest that’s open to anyone who belongs to or joins the OutSystems Community before the contest ends on July 9.

We’re calling it “Name Those OutSystems Blog Tunes,” and anyone who enters is going to be the fish oil (Omega 3s again) to our empty playlist.

You Are the Champion? How to Win

The person who names the most songs from these blogs will win the grand prize: a set of Sony 1000X Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones and a year’s subscription to Spotify. Five runners-up will get a year’s subscription to Spotify.

Here’s how to enter the contest:

  • Join the OutSystems Community (if you haven’t already).
  • Subscribe to the OutSystems Dev Newsletter (if you haven’t already).
  • Fill out a spreadsheet or document with your name and the email address or addresses you use for your subscriptions.
  • Include the name of the song and artist; a link to the blog post it’s in; and a snippet of the text, title, or caption where you found the song (it has to be more than 3 words; you can’t choose “be” and then claim that it comes from “Let it Be,” for example).
  • Send your spreadsheet to
  • Comment in the Community thread if you sent it. We will then go in order of the comments based on time, to vet and pick the winner.

Pro Tip

As we mentioned, the songs are not just in titles, so you’ll have to do some reading. And, it’s just possible that you’ll discover something you didn’t know. Or, even better, be inspired to write for us.

P.S. Gotta Know the Rules

There are just a few caveats for this contest. Incomplete lists won’t be considered, and at least one song on your list must be from somewhere other than a title. Also, you must list different songs; you can’t repeat songs just because some of our blog posts repeat.

We’ll announce the winners here and in the Community during the month of August. Stay tuned!