It is possible to connect from Outsystems server to PowerBi

I was wondering if it is possible to connect the data base that is on Outsystems server to PoweBI? 


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There is a component in forge that does the contrary, uses PowerBI inside an OutSystems application:


To connect your OutSystems database to PowerBI, I think it is possible only if the installation is On Premises and you have access to the Database, as this is not possible (I think), if you are using the OutSystems Cloud servers.

Other than that, I don't know PowerBI, but if it can consume data through web services, you can create a web service in your application to allow it to fetch data from the database.


P.S. If it has an API (and I think it has), you can also check if it is possible to "send data to it". 

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Hello João,

Complementing the answer of Eduardo, it is indeed possible to connect PowerBI to the OutSystems' databases, both on-premises or on the PaaS offering.

For the PaaS offering, you'll have to specifically ask OutSystems' support to give you access to the database as it doesn't come by default. However, this is a supported option that you can ask without extra costs.

Don't forget that OutSystems' physical tables inside the database follow an internal naming convention (OSUSR_xxx_*) that you'll have to deal with and/or query the platform's database (OSSYS_ENTITY, for instance) to know the relationship between the entity names in Service Studio and the physical table names on the database.

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Hello, I'm new to Outsystems and I also had a similar question about accessing the Outsystems database to consolidate into a Power BI dashboard. However, I realized that it is possible through Outsystems to build a dasboard, is my reasoning correct?

As a test on the outsystems programming I wanted to structure a basic form that, when completed by the user, is already saved in the database and after the update, Power BI or the Outsystems own dashboard uploads the new information

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