[Hierarchical Tree] why this one, instead of other tree components?

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Published on 13 Feb by Ângelo Sousa
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Published on 13 Feb by Ângelo Sousa


besides there is no "try", why would I choose this one over, for example zTree in the forge?

Hello J, thanks for the feedback

I didn't understand what you meant by "there is no try".

As for the zTree component, I haven't used it, but from what I understand, it's heavily based on JavaScript and is a little harder to debug

Hi Ângelo,

J. is asking you to create an application using your component and link in the try it section, so that people can have a feel of the component.

Regarding the differences, if your approach is different (for example, using OutSystems code instead of JavaScript), it is valid, but is always nice to get to know what already exists, in order to be able explain people when to choose yours or other component.



Hello Eduardo

Thank you for the clarification

I added a try it now link, as J. requested

As for zTree, I know the component and I started implementing it on a project recenlty. However, since it's heavy based on JavaScript, I was requested by my manager to try to develop a more OutSystems-based solution for what we needed. Obviously zTree has a LOT more capabilities and is an excellent component, but, in some cases, it can be a little bit like killing a fly with a cannonball, and, as I said, a JavaScipt-based component is harder to implement and debug if need be. This component was made available for those cases where zTree can be a bit of an overkill solution or for developers that are not very familiar with JavaScript

Best regards,



This is one of those cases where the new component, even if similar with less features, is a good addition to forge, as it uses a different approach to solve a problem, adding more possibilities to developers.

Good work :)

Thanks, Eduardo ;)