Multi-step wizard


I´m trying to create a form for the user to fill a inquery, that has a variable number of fields, so I´m grouping them in Wizard Steps. But I want the number of wizard steps to vary according to the number of fields. I´m using the silkUI wizard step but you have to use a predefined number of steps. Any way to make them change?

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Here is a good discussion about the use of wizard. Sometimes the best/simpler solution is to create your own wizard "effect".

Hope it can help you.

Hey João

Yeah I already saw that, but it didn´t solve my problem. My problem is:

-My Inquery has multiple categories, which may vary depending on the Inquery.
-I want a wizard step for each category on the inquiry.

I don't think outSystems has a instant solution for that, without the use of Javascript/jQuery, but I wanted to be sure. 

Guess you're right. Sometimes, when you need to tailor things, as in your scenario, you need to walk your own way.

Trying to work around it, using a listRecords with a WizardStep inside it, but I don't think i'm getting anywhere. 

Hi Rui,

In your case you need to do everything on the client side? because you can have a page with a webblock with all the steps and it changes what it shows depending on the step you are with ajax refresh. but yes you need to build the wizard yourself.



Hi Marcelo,

Yeah webblock might work for the content of the step itself, but how would I manage the variable number of steps? 

Hi Rui,

you need to have a list of steps. In this list you need to have a order and which ones are visible. In your case you know all the category's and you have a different step for each one or the category step is the same for all the category's?



Yeah I know the categories apriori and each categorie has it´s own steps (each categorie has multiple questions that a user has to answer).

So I would need a webblock, and I would use a wizard step iterating inside the ListRecord that contains the categories? 

Hi Rui,

Yes you need that ListRecord to show the steps. And than you need to have a webblock with all the steps. and show the one you give as input. than you have buttons to move to next step. The next step is the next active step.

Hope this help.



I'll try to work with that. I'll give some feedback later on.

Thanks in advance