[Google Places Reactive] Select value from dropdown not working on iOS 11.3

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Published on 27 May by Sofia Mourato
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Published on 27 May by Sofia Mourato

Trying to select a value on my iPhoneX  iOS 11.3 but nothing happens and no events get triggered. Any idea why?

Have you configured your API key as instructed on the landing page of the component?

If you did, could you please paste the javascript error outputed on the JS console when running the app on the browser?

All configured as instructed, getting the drop down with suggested places and In the browser all works fine but on the mobile device it doesn't. It is apparently a known issue (https://www.qed42.com/blog/ionic-google-places-api). Did you try it on a mobile device android or ios? If it works which version? thanks

The problem is, when you click an entry on the dropdown, the click is not registered and events are not triggered.

It works fine on several androids, both native and outsystems now. It apparently doesn't work on any iOS. 

This issue is probably related with how the combo is built, because the combo is dynamically built not by Outsystems but by google's js library.

I understood how to solve it through the link you provided and I'll patch it later today or tomorrow. 

Thank you for the feedback.

Super! thanks a lot @flpmorais.


ra ma wrote:

Super! thanks a lot @flpmorais.

No problem and thanks for reporting the bug.

The widget is patched and you may now download the updated component.

Let me know if you find any other issues.

Best regards,


Well done Filipe!


I still have this problem in iOS if I use the Places webblock with the Search component. 

Works on browser but now on iOS. Can you help me on this?