[IdP] idp connector problem [UNABLE TO PROCESS REQUEST]
Forge component by Rui Barbosa


I have followed the instruction at https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/36557/idp-sample-configurations-onelogin-azure/

After all the setup and press the test button inside Azure AD, I got 'UNABLE TO PROCESS REQUEST'.  

Here is the error details:       

Message :Invalid request: no SAML message found.

Stack: Invalid request: no SAML message found.
   at ssIdP.Actions.ActionGetSAMLRawDataFromCurrentRequest(HeContext heContext, String inParamSAMLRequestParm, String inParamSAMLResponseParm, String inParamRelayStateParm, String inParamSigAlgParm, String inParamSignatureParm, STSAMLMessageStructure& outParamSAMLMessage)
   at ssIdP.Flows.FlowAuth.ScrnIdP.Preparation(HeContext heContext)


Hi William,

By the error, on Azure some configuration is still missing or the test button is doing another thing.

The error was calling SSO.aspx entry (IdP.aspx screen), as a request was made and no SAMLResponse message was in it (also you should confirm that the call is through HTTP-Post). You can also confirm through the browser with the browser dev tools that no SAML message is in the request.

You can also test is as well from OutSystems side, build a TestIdP web app as per documentation in the component Instructions page to check if it's working.


Thanks for the pointer.  

I was trying to use that idpExample (without change anything exact refresh the dependencies).  I was messing with the config by replacing https://....idp/SSO.aspx with the idpExample HomePage.aspx.  This time the testing button actually working.  It generated a SAML response but the idpExample keep "loading" instead of redirect to HomePage.aspx.

I know I need to learn more instead of blindly following the instructions and expecting result.

Have a nice day!

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