[MonitorProbe] Documentation for MonitorProbe?

Forge Component
Published on 5 Mar by Urbano Freitas
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Published on 5 Mar by Urbano Freitas


Do you have any documentation for MonitorProbe?  We would like to import logs into Splunk.


Hi Chip,

We are still working in the documentation, that is one the reasons why this component is still on alpha stage.

But don't worry, our tests are saying his use is pretty stable and worthy ;)

This component has some built-in information that exposes how You can use the rest API that allows You/Your company access all the OutSystems Platform monitoring relevant data.

Just install the forge component and go to the URL:

https://<your env URL>/MonitorProbe/rest/PlatformLogs/

(see the example bellow)

You will see there the component documentation. It explains how to consume the REST API.

And although I never used Splunk it seems it can consume REST API data:


I hope this helps. Please give me feedback.


Urbano Freitas


Thanks for the info.  With this information I can see REST data.