[File Upload] FileUpload - Could not find file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\...

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Published on 24 Jan by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 24 Jan by Renato Pauleta

Hey André Alho,

Could you please provide some detail into what you are trying to accomplish and where you are having difficulties?

Thank you!


Solving this error:

If you have "Multiple Front-End Servers", then this might be your problem.

I am also encountering this issue. It has to do with having "Multiple Front-End Servers".

From what I understand, this File Upload component submits ajax requests "multiple times" before the file is "actually" saved/read in "temp" folder. Because of the "load-balancing" aspect of having multiple front-end servers, sometimes (or most of the time), the first request is accessing a different server than the subsequent one.


1.) Ajax request to "create" the file in temp folder of *Server_1*

2.) Ajax request to "access" the file that was saved in the temp folder only this time, because of "load-balancing", this second request is sent to the *Server_2*.

This will trigger the "Could not find file" error you are having because the file was not created in *Server_2*

So far I have not seen any forum post that addresses this issue. Please help to direct us in the right post so we can solve this.

Note: If my understanding is wrong, please correct. Thanks.



I think this might solve the issue, but their solution is to use "another" plugin other than this.