[Twilio Connector] cant install twilio APi connector

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Published on 7 Jun by Diogo Pires
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Published on 7 Jun by Diogo Pires

I cant seem to install the twilio application to my development. when i download and install and an error appears . i am using verions 10.0.907.0


Hello Mlondi

Are you trying to install the app in O11 or O10. Because there is no need to download it.
Just open the Service Studio in your environment, go to the "black" tab, find the app, go to the Versions tab and install from the correct version (if you have a new personal environment, it is in O11, otherwise it is in O10, most likely).
The correct version will have the button Install enabled, instead of Download.

Hope this helps.


Hi Eduardo,

Thanks so much for you help, I am sorted.