[Conversion Of Html,Text,XML To PDF Format] ERROR: The document has no pages

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Published on 2018-06-20 by vidya sri
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Published on 2018-06-20 by vidya sri

Hi Everyone,

I get HTML from one page from the same eSpace and pass to extension and i have the bellow error.

The HTML cannot have the js and css inside?

Regards, Paulo Torres

Hi Paulo Torres,

Css need to send as input parameter same like as text.

For instance,



background-color: #000;




send the html code like this


<p>HI Hello Test </p>

<p class='Class1'> SAMPLE HTML CODE FOR TEST </p>


try this.. 

May be for this error u need to check the html code u have send. Use ClassName for css and send the css code as input parameter as i mentioned above.