SEO Urls how it really works....


I've configured the SEO url rules for one of the app, we have the domain name also, so I'm wondering if I need to activate that domain to rename the app name or why it doesn't rewrite the name then?

I write in the browser and i get :

Both rules are activated, the ISAPI filter is installed, and the domain has A record to the IP pointing to the app.

Hello Tomás.

The rules are fine and DNS seems ok, but:

1. I see an extra "/" in the first URL Pattern.

2. You don't need to specify protocol.

Try to change that.

Just did it again, but nothing happens, i forgot to say that I've tried it in many ways (so,, /https, https, /http....) nothing changes the domain name, I've tried many combinations, some of them just didn't work at all, but none is changing the name.

Thanks for the idea anyway