SEO Urls how it really works....


I've configured the SEO url rules for one of the app, we have the domain name also, so I'm wondering if I need to activate that domain to rename the app name or why it doesn't rewrite the name then?

I write in the browser and i get :

Both rules are activated, the ISAPI filter is installed, and the domain has A record to the IP pointing to the app.

Hello Tomás.

The rules are fine and DNS seems ok, but:

1. I see an extra "/" in the first URL Pattern.

2. You don't need to specify protocol.

Try to change that.

Just did it again, but nothing happens, i forgot to say that I've tried it in many ways (so,, /https, https, /http....) nothing changes the domain name, I've tried many combinations, some of them just didn't work at all, but none is changing the name.

Thanks for the idea anyway

Hello everyone.
What's the best way to implement a rule (for cloud infra) that changes the base URL like:
- http://<some name> will always appear as 

- http://<some name>.<something else>.com

Basically, the idea is to have a nice URL that doesn't show "outsystemsenterprise".

Thank you in advance!

Gonçalo, that isn't a SEO URL. That is in the Lifetime of your cloud.

You will be asked for a certificate.

Hi Gonçalo,

I believe you can achieve this by adding a Redirect Rule (Service Center/Administration/SEO URLs/Redirect Rules List). Using your example, your rule would be something like:

Base URL: http://<some name>
Replace With: http://<some name>.<something else>.com

Hi Tomas Liano,

Please do what Aurelio said. I agree with his opinion. It really works for me to do Seo Friendly website. 

Thank you,



I agree with Nuno on this. If you want to change the domain of the infrastructure then you need to have a domain and upload the certificate as mentioned in the documentation

Just putting a cname record in the domain should forward it to outsystems environment, with this you can use both outsystem URL and your custom URL. If you want it to open a specific app then you need to add the site rule. check this

As per my experience, redirect rule will forward your request to the redirected URL, it won't replace the URL.