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Published on 2019-12-20 by Elena Novozhilova
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Published on 2019-12-20 by Elena Novozhilova

Hello all

I am trying to create a web editor for users to create word templates, for example, a bill to send to a client. 

The idea is to provide basic tools (color, size, align, tables etc)  to configure the static text and possibility to add dynamic fields (like client name and address) for the user to create a template in the web. This template will be stored and later on will be used by another user that can configure the dynamic information to add to the template and export it to pdf or word.

Is there any tool to create this web editor, do you have any suggestion? 

Hi Rita,

This isn't a direct task as far as I know. 

When generating templates, most tools require mergeFields or bookmarks.

The problem begins when you try to programatically create these fields. 

Inserting text won't work because it won't be interpreted as a dynamic field. 

There are some alternatives you could explore, depending on your use case:

- Work with Word or similar editors: Have your template designers work with Word, produce the final template with all the required logic, and upload it to the server. It's a complete solution that most are familiar with and can be proficient quite fast;

- Extend existing extensions to insert bookmarks and mergefields whenever a predetermined prefix is found in the text to be inserted. I think that OfficeUtils and AsposeWords currently don't cover this use case;

- Delay the generation of the final document and avoid working with templates.

Take into consideration complex situations, like working with lists, tables, alignments, inserting images and so on. 

Be careful with this analysis as you could easily end up spending a lot of effort in developing complex features in your online editor that are already present in Word or similar editors.