[Kafka Apache Connector] About the connection string

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Published on 2018-11-29 by Diogo Pires
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Published on 2018-11-29 by Diogo Pires

Hey guys!

I have some questions about the connection string.

Usually in a Python Application you do the configuration like this: 

 conf = {

        'bootstrap.servers': os.environ['CLOUDKARAFKA_BROKERS'],

        'session.timeout.ms': 6000,

        'default.topic.config': {'auto.offset.reset': 'smallest'},

        'security.protocol': 'SASL_SSL',

'sasl.mechanisms': 'SCRAM-SHA-256',

        'sasl.username': os.environ['CLOUDKARAFKA_USERNAME'],

        'sasl.password': os.environ['CLOUDKARAFKA_PASSWORD']


But in the extension I only have the Broker, GroupName, Topic and ConnectionString.

How do I mount the ConnectionString based on that?

I guess it's something like: 


Can you please help me on this matter? 

Did you fixed the problem I would also like to know what the connection string should be?

The extension is wrong and cant be used without tweaking it.