Is outsystem supports for external NoSQL databases?

Is there any way to access and use external NoSQL databases in the application.



Hi Diksha,

Which NoSQL database you want to connect.We have forge connectors like Firebase and Amazon DynamoDB Connector.

These are some more.Please check below links

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Hi Diksha Waghmare,

Complementing the answer above, the general answer would be that OutSystems integration needs are either through Web Services/REST API or using Integration Studio. Integration Studio has two main functionalities: integrate external databases with OutSystems and/or integrate external .NET code with OutSystems.

A default OutSystems installation supports defining connections for SQL Server/Azure SQL, Oracle, MySQL and iDB2. It is however possible to create a Connector to support other database engines, you have a sample one for PostgreSQL. This relies on a database integration SDK that allows you to map the database specific implementation to a standardised SQL-based API (not particularly suited for a NoSQL database, I'd say).

Alternatively, you can either use a WebServices/REST API to integrate with a NoSQL database (if it provides such an API), or implement the database manipulation operations as Actions using Integration Studio and .NET code. Whichever of these two approaches you follow, you will not be able to define your data concepts as Entities in OutSystems (you will need to use Structures to represent them), nor will you be able to use Aggregates or the SQL tool.

The components above use these approaches to integrate with the respective databases, depending on whether they support the one you need or not you may have to implement something similar.

Hope this helps