Integration with Azure API Management API's

Hi All,

I am new to OutSystem. I have a requirement to build Mobile, Web Pages all quickly. I have my API's built and is in Azure platform. All are exposed by API Management. But these are part of Azure ASE and locked to our internal network. So that means that we cant access this outside internet.

So with this, the Applications we develop using Outsystem, can they be exported out and setup inside our network or these apps can be deployed in to our Azure ASE?

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Hi Manohar,

You have some alternatives to do this. In case you have a cloud environment, it is possible to set up a VPN between the cloud server and your internal network. So, you will be able to use your APIs.

Another option is set up an on-premise installation of the OutSystems that could be in the same network of Azure or in your internal network.

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Hi Manohar.

Regarding APIM, it depends on what mode it is implemented in. Since the API Apps are hosted on ASE, I guess you have a setup with VNet/ExpressRoute between Azure and Internal Network etc. A common scenario is to have APIM installed on a VNet/SubNet in Internal Mode. In that case you have 2 IP adresses, one internal and one external. It is possible to expose APIs to public internet with an Application Gateway in front of APIM. Just implement a rule in Application Gateway for what URL to expose to public Internet. So, even if the actual API Apps or Function Apps are hosted on ASE, it is possible to expose them to public Internet with APIM.