[Google Places Reactive] How do I combine this with the Google Maps Mobile component?
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Forge component by flpmorais


This is a very nice component but I am having a hard time combining it with an actual map to show the chosen location. I used the Google Maps Mobile component for this and both components load Google libraries, and they are apparently now conflicting eachother!

If I load places before maps the maps component is mislead into thinking that the map can be initialized, and when I load maps before places the places component throws errors about duplicate libraries and also errors like "InvalidValueError: setMap: not an instance of Map; and not an instance of StreetViewPanorama"

How can I show a map and the autocomplete on one screen?

Hi Wendy, thanks for pointing that out. Since we don't own the maps component there's only so much we can do. On our side we can update Places to load everything that Maps needs, so the flow Places -> Maps starts working well, but the reverse involves changing the Maps component, which you can do on your environment.


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