[BDDFramework] Problems with failing scenarios

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Published on 2019-12-02 by João Proença
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Published on 2019-12-02 by João Proença

In my scenario, on the THEN region, I call a function that creates a registry and returns the created ID.

I then check if the returned Id is null or not.

 If it's null I call an AssertFail else I call the AssertTrue.

In the SETUP  I'm leaving a database mandatory field set as nullidentifier() to make the scenario fail.

On the Test Page, the THEN region shows as GREEN and text  "No items to show..."

Shouldn't it FAIL and show as RED?

Calling the GetBDDTestRunner it returns FAILED SCENARIOS = 0 and SUCCESSFUL SCENARIOS = 0


Hi Nelson. If you are getting a "No items to show..." message in one of the steps then it's highly likely that a database "abort transaction" is happening in that specific step. Usually this happens because there's an exception being caught through an exception handler that has "Abort transaction" set to true (either in the test code or in the code being tested).

This is a known limitation of the BDDFramework that we will try to fix in the future. Can you check if this "abort transaction" is happening somewhere and try to avoid it?


Hi João,

That's the point!


Hi Nelson,

If you do not add an exception handler to the client actions you use for the 'given', 'then', and 'when' steps, then the exception is perfectly handled by the BDD Framework it self, rather than a green check or a red cross you get a yellow icon and the exception message is listed as assert result.