Wizard for mobile with dynamic number of steps possible?

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in my mobile app I want ppl to be able to answer a number of questionaires and I want to show their progress within the questionaire with a wizard pattern (or something similar if you have suggestions).

The problem I am encountering is that not all of my questionaires have the same number of questions. Therefor, I am looking for a way to have a variable number of wizard steps, depending on how many questions there are in my questionaire. Basically this ("Use Wizard with ListRecords") for a mobile app. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a way to do it, since the necessary ListRecords widget isn't available for mobile apps.

I'd be thankful for any suggestions to make this (or something similar) work in my mobile app.

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Is the number of questionnaires static, or dynamic?

Are we talking about a handful of questionnaires, or dozens?

If it's only a few, it might be easiest to create a screen per questionnaire. If it's dozens, then you are probably better off investing the time to create a dynamic screen that can handle any of the questionnaires.

I've not had the chance to fully test it, but it appears that you should be able to use a mobile List widget inside the Wizard widget in a mobile app. That would be where I'd start, since it would allow you to make the widget items dynamic.


FYI, I did a quick test on this. Seems to work fine. The key to getting the format correct is to modify the List widget to use the style class "wizard" instead of "list list-group".

I was able to bind the list to an Entity I created and dynamically add wizard steps with no issues.


Hi Michael Segbers,

I have answered similar question here, see that helps.

Find the oml where i have implemented same. 


Hey Andrew and Sravan,

thank you for responding to my question. FYI We are talking about dozens of questionaires with more being added on a regular basis. I already made a dynamic screen, or rather a number of them, since there are only a handful of different types of questions each questionaire is made up from. So one screen per question, but the number and order is different for each questionaire. And I have everything working, I just didn't know how to make the wizard work with it.

The advice about changing the list's style class did the trick though, since it'll let me show the list elements next to each other instead of just one below the next (similar to the RecordList with line separator: none for a web screen).

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