Sending user an email when they have changed their password

We want to send a user an email when they have changed their password, within the app, (My Info - Change Password).  We are using the User Management  Module in Outsystems, but I cannot see anyway to add functionality to that.  Has anybody done this before, I should we create our own custom Change Password function so that we can add logic.


HI Ragul,

Thanks for the reply, however, I know how to change a user's password, however, from a security perspective we want to send the user a notification that their password has been changed, so that in the event that they didn't change it, they can notify us.  

Based on what I have seen, I most probably will need to create our own "change password", function.


Hi Esther,

if you are using the "MyInfo" screen for this, you can't really change too much since all the logic is handled within the webblock. The "UserManagement" OML above provides a copy of the "ChangePassword"-webblock you can edit yourself, though.

Add your email to the end of the "SaveChanges" screen action of the webblock in the "UserManagement" module, then add the module to your web app as a dependency and replace the Users module's "ChangePassword" webblock in the "MyInfo" screen with the modified "ChangePassword" webblock from the "UserManagement" module.

If you want to create and send the Email within your own module instead of the "UserManagement" module, you can add an event to the end of the "SaveChanges" screen action instead and add a screen action that sends the email to your "MyInfo" screen and set it as eventhandler for the event.

Best regards;


Thank you very much Michael and Ragul.

This is exactly what I am looking for.